Inspiring greener futures

A fresh vision for Horsham District

Inspiring greener futures

We aim to be a net zero council by 2030 and a net zero district by 2050. Horsham District will be held in high regard for best practice in rewilding, regenerative farming and recycling.

Council Plan Priorities 2023-2027

Click on each priority to see specific actions, goals and targets in our Annual Plan for 2023-2024 below.

Annual Plan 2023-2024

  1. Deliver a Local Plan which sets higher environmental standards including net zero building, green gaps and addressing water neutrality.
    • Set ambitious environmental standards/requirements through the Local Plan.
  2. Show the way to Net Zero through engagement with our community and our emerging Climate Action Strategy.
    • Adopt the district-wide Climate Action Strategy to enable the Horsham District to become net zero by 2050.
    • Deliver an improved climate change training programme for staff.
    • Continue to implement the Council’s internal carbon reduction programme.
    • Switch over Horsham town centre cleansing vehicles from diesel to electric.
    • Continue with the programme of fleet replacement by buying four electric vans to replace diesel vehicles in the Recycling and Waste Service.
    • Order new litter and cleansing vehicles to serve sites across the District for fly tip removal and delivery of bins.
    • Replace traditional lighting with LEDs in Horsham District Council owned properties.
  3. Create nature diverse places for people to live in.
    • Establish pollinator corridors across the District, for wildlife to thrive, in conjunction with 'No Mow May'.
    • Further develop the Parish and Neighbourhood Climate Action Network.
    • Develop an animal welfare policy by March 2024.
  4. Investigate the benefits and opportunities of Biodiversity Net Gain and carbon credits for Horsham District Council and landowners in the District.
    • Support the development of local nature recovery network strategies.
    • Consider the next steps for the Wilder Horsham District initiative.
  5. Help businesses and residents to waste less and recycle more.  
    • Research the financial and environmental costs and benefits of doorstep food waste collection.
    • Review District-wide provision of dog bins and consider if it’s adequate.
  6. Create safer routes for cycling and walking.
    • Agree council policy for all new strategic development sites to be designed as 15-minute walkable neighbourhoods.
    • Promote, require and make provision for active travel infrastructure within the Local Plan.
    • Develop plans to improve non-motorised access for people in the Bishopric and Carfax.
  7. Help residents and businesses to cut carbon emissions and water usage.
    • Develop a Sustainable Business Network to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint.
    • Use the One Planet tool to increase community collaboration for action on climate change.
    • Assess options to provide grants to Registered Providers to improve environmental efficiencies of family homes that would otherwise be lost from the affordable housing sector.
  8. Assist residents and businesses with the insulation of homes and premises.
    • Start the groundwork for rolling out a residential retrofit programme to reduce energy and water consumption.
  9. Support residents and businesses in switching to green technologies.
    • Support West Sussex County Council initiatives to roll out EV charge points throughout the District.