What does my Council Tax pay for?

We understand that Council Tax is a large portion of your monthly outgoings, so we want to share openly how we are spending your contributions.

Residents of Horsham District benefit from a wide range of services for as little as £3.12 a week per Band D household.

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How is my Council Tax shared out?

Although Horsham District Council collects all your Council Tax it only retains 8%. The remainder is split over the following authorities:

How is my Council Tax spent?

Council Tax is spent to deliver a wide range of services, of which the more significant ones are set out below.

Horsham District Council

  • Environment and local communities
  • Parks, open spaces and play areas
  • Recycling and waste collection
  • Leisure and culture facilities
  • Wellbeing services
  • Housing and housing benefits
  • Parking
  • Planning services
  • Supporting voluntary groups
  • Environmental health and licensing
  • Supporting the local economy

West Sussex County Council

  • Social care and health
  • Education, children and families
  • Fire and rescue
  • Roads and travel
  • Environment, housing and planning
  • Libraries
  • Leisure, recreation and community
  • Registrar services

Sussex Police

  • Local policing services
  • Crime prevention
  • Access to justice
  • Victim support and protection

Parishes/Neighbourhood Councils

  • Community centres
  • Community events
  • Community safety
  • Planning consultation
  • Parks, open spaces and recreation
  • Bus shelters, litter bins, street cleaning

View Council Tax charges and financial information

Our 2022/23 budget

Your Council Tax makes up 27% of Horsham District Council's overall income, and contributes to our budget of £38.1million for 2022/23.

The other funding is made up from:

  • Baseline Business Rates - core central Government funding (5%)
  • Fees, charges and ringfenced grants (45%)
  • Investments and Investment Property (13%)
  • New homes bonus (8%)
  • Non-ringfenced revenue grant and Council Tax Support grant (2%)

Our total budget for 2022/23 is £38.1million. Here's how it will be spent:

Leisure and culture (11.8%)

Parks and open spaces, play areas, Horsham Museum & Art Gallery, The Capitol, leisure centres, sports facilities and activities.

Revenues and benefits, Housing and Community Services (15.2%)

Council Tax, benefits, business rates, housing support, homelessness, health and wellbeing, volunteer support, community safety, emergency planning.

Recycling, Waste and Environmental Services (25.5%)

Bins, recycling, business waste, street cleaning, fly tipping and littering, food hygiene, work health and safety, licensing, Community Link service.

Parking (5.8%)

Maintenance of car parks, parking permits, enforcement and mobility services.

Planning, Property, Building Control and Economic Development (18.6%)

Planning applications, planning policy, neighbourhood planning, conservation, building control, business and employment support, climate and sustainability.

Supporting front-line services (23.1%)

Customer services, technology, legal, finances, and democracy.