Applying for housing: Your questions answered

If you have a question about the housing application process, please check the following list of frequently asked questions before getting in touch with a member of our team.

Can I be considered for a house only, not a flat?

It is not possible to choose which type of property you will be considered for. You will be considered for both flats and houses. The most common types of one and two bedroom properties offered to applicants are first, second and third floor flats.

Can I request a ground-floor flat?

Households with a medical need for level area or adapted properties will be given priority for ground floor flats.

Can I change my areas of choice?

Yes, you can change your areas of choice at any time, up to the point you are nominated for a property, either by calling 01403 215204 or by using the online Horsham Housing Jigsaw Customer Portal

View a user guide for the Housing Jigsaw Customer Portal.

Can I be considered for just new-build properties?

No, if you are on the housing register you will be considered for new build properties as well as the existing stock.

Can I choose my housing provider?

No, Horsham District Council work in partnership with many Housing Associations and you will be considered by all of them.

View a list of the registered providers we work with

How do I update you on any change in my circumstances?

You can use Horsham Housing Jigsaw Customer Portal to do this online or call us on 01403 215204.

View a user guide for the Housing Jigsaw Customer Portal.

How many offers of accommodation will I receive?

You will receive one offer of suitable accommodation. A refusal that is deemed reasonable will result in you being removed from the housing register for a year, after which you will be free to apply again.

I don’t want to be considered for a bedsit. Can I put that on my application?

As a single person, unless you have visiting rights to a child, you will be considered for a bedsit accommodation.

What happens after I apply?

It is possible that you will be nominated to a property with a Housing Association shortly after the verification visit has taken place. Your details will be sent to the housing provider and you will receive a letter confirming the nomination. You need to wait for the provider to contact you to view the property.

Do the properties come with floor covering and white goods?

Some will, however this normally applies to new build properties. Please be aware that Housing Associations need to minimise rent loss and you may be invited to view the property before the property is assessed for any repairs or refurbishments or before any cleaning is done. If you have any concerns, you should speak to the Housing Association staff accompanying you at the viewing.

Can you tell me where I am on the register?

Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm where you stand on the register. You are on an active register where a household’s band or areas of choice can alter due to a change in their circumstances.

Can I be housed with my pet?

Yes, but you will need to be aware that most housing associations will not accept more than one pet (one dog or one cat) into their flats. In particular most new-build scheme flats have a no pets policy. Being a pet owner will restrict your chances of being housed.

Will my children have to share a bedroom?

Children of different sexes can share a bedroom until one child is ten years old. Children of the same sex can share until 16.

Will I have to pay any up-front charges?

Yes, most of our registered providers are requesting a charge of at least one week’s rent at the sign up appointment regardless of any housing benefit entitlement. You will therefore need to allow for this payment.