Parking bay suspensions

Parking Dispensation Notices for commercial vehicles

If you are a tradesperson working at a property and need easy access to tools or equipment in your vehicle, you can apply for a Parking Dispensation Notice.

A Parking Dispensation Notice is a scratch-off card that can be displayed on your dashboard, clearly stating the address you are visiting. It is most often used in the Controlled Parking Zone when it is not possible to display a Visitor's parking permit - for example, if the property you are working on is vacant.

Dispensation Notice prices

The prices for a Dispensation Notice are set out below. The price you pay is affected by where the bay is located, and for how long.

Bay location Daily charge Weekly charge
Pay and display area, Horsham £16 £96
Permit area, Horsham £11 £66
Pay and display area, Billingshurst £16 £96
Permit area, Billingshurst £11 £66

Apply for a Dispensation Notice

To apply, please visit Swan Walk Parking Information office on Level 2 of Swan Walk Car Park. The office is open 8am-6.30pm. Please provide:

  • Company name
  • Make of vehicle
  • Registration number
  • Address where work is being carried out
  • Contact number