Parking bay suspensions

What is a parking bay suspension?

A parking bay may be suspended in the Horsham and Billingshurst Controlled Parking Zones when a specific location is required, for reasons such as:

  • Removals
  • Building works
  • Funerals or weddings
  • Placement of skips
  • Essential work on the highway

Important Information

  • Typically, a bay suspension consists of two spaces, equivalent to approximately 10 metres in length. Longer suspensions are available at additional cost and are subject to availability.
  • The suspension may only be used for its original stated use and may only be used by those person(s) associated with that use.
  • The bay suspension cannot be used for preferential parking – the householder cannot park within this suspension
  • Vehicles parked within the suspension must demonstrate that use of the suspension is essential (for example, constant access to vehicle is required or operation of machinery) – vehicles unable to demonstrate this requirement may receive a Penalty Charge Notice.
  • Unauthorised vehicles parked within the suspension may receive a Penalty Charge Notice.
  • Non-vehicular use of the bay suspension (such as a skip or building materials) will also require a licence available from West Sussex County Council.
  • Vehicles are permitted to park on yellow lines as long as they are not causing an obstruction and continuous loading or unloading is witnessed. A suspension is not required for this purpose.