Penalty Charge Notices (parking tickets)

What is a Regulation 10 Penalty Charge Notice?

A Regulation 10 Penalty Charge Notice is sent in the post to the registered keep/owner of a vehicle rather than fixed to the vehicle.

We will obtain the vehicle owner’s details from DVLA in order to send out a Regulation 10 notice if:

  • our Civil Enforcement Officer attempted to serve the PCN by affixing it to the vehicle but was prevented from doing so by someone
  • our Civil Enforcement Officer was unable to serve the PCN due to the vehicle being driven away

Regulation 10 Penalty Charge Notices have been introduced to reduce the number of evaded notices and to support CEOs. Motorists who try to prevent a PCN being served by driving away or behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards a CEO will still receive a PCN in the post.

Improving compliance with parking regulations will contribute to improved road safety, reduce public transport journey times and less congestion.