Penalty Charge Notices (parking tickets)

Appeal your Penalty Charge Notice (parking ticket)

If you believe your Penalty Charge Notice should not have been issued, or that you have mitigating circumstances, you can appeal it using our Manage your Penalty Charge Notice tool.

Your Notice will be available to view 24 hours after it is issued. Simply enter your Penalty Charge Notice number and vehicle registration number, then you can view details and photographs of your Penalty Charge Notice and make a Challenge or Representation.

Please allow up to 24 hours prior to carrying out an online challenge.

Appeal now

Once we receive your challenge, we will give you a full written reply within 28 days.

Stages of appeal

There are three stages of challenging a Penalty Charge Notice: informal challenge (within the first 28 days), formal representation and Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

Informal challenge

An informal challenge can be made during the first 28 days after the Penalty Charge Notice has been issued. If the motorist appeals within the first 14 days, the discounted rate will be extended while the Council considers the challenge.

If the challenge is accepted, the notice will be cancelled and the motorist notified.

If more evidence is required, a letter requesting the details within 14 days will be sent to the motorist. If no information is received within 14 days, the case will progress. If the challenge is rejected, the Council will explain the reason and issue a Notice to Owner. If this is not completed, the motorist loses any further right to dispute the Penalty Charge Notice.

Formal representation

If the Penalty Charge Notice is not paid or successfully challenged within 28 days, the Council may serve a Notice to Owner requiring payment. The owner can then make representations to the Council.

Traffic Penalty Tribunal

If the representation is rejected, the motorist has the right to appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, an independent body set up to give motorists and Councils a formal tribunal hearing.