Chesworth Farm

Cows in Chesworth Farm meadow

Explore beautiful meadows just 10 minutes from Horsham town centre

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Chesworth Farm has 90 glorious acres of colourful meadows and ancient hedgerows to explore. Criss-crossed with footpaths and bridleways, it is conveniently located just a 10-minute walk from Horsham town centre. It’s the perfect place for a family bike ride away from busy roads, and popular with dog walkers. The main paths are wheelchair accessible.

Chesworth Farm is open all day and entry is free.

A walk around Chesworth Farm

Take a walk with us around Chesworth Farm in our video below.


The main entry to Chesworth Farm is at the end of Queensway, off Brighton Road (A281). The nearest car park is located off Denne Road, with limited controlled parking along Queensway and Chesworth Lane. There are various other entrances from surrounding roads.

Grazing animals

As part of our on-going land management strategy, please be aware that grazing animals are used on Chesworth Farm. In recent years, we have used cattle and sheep to help rejuvenate the meadow and wetland habitats. We are now trailing the use of domestic horses on the farm. Their teeth, gut, hooves and dung work in different ways to other species and will complement the complexity of the habitat.

We hope these horses will particularly help in the wetland to reduce the density of Rush species and Floating Sweet-grass and promote rare cut grass. The horses will graze in various areas of the farm for short periods throughout the year.

We would ask all our visitors not to feed or touch these animals.

In the event of an emergency or animal welfare issue, please contact 01403 256890 (office hours) or 01403 215100 (out of hours).

Cycle to Chesworth Farm

Chesworth Farm is on the Pedlars Way cycle route between Horsham and Southwater. To find out more, click the link below.

Chesworth Farm cycle route

Managing the farm

Discover more about we manage the Farm in the following documents:

Friends of Chesworth Farm

Friends of Chesworth Farm is a group of local volunteers who support the farm and represent the views of its visitors. They help to carry out conservation work and visitor surveys, working in partnership with Horsham District Council.

Friends of Chesworth Farm

Sussex Wildlife Trust

Sussex Wildlife Trust is a conservation charity working across East and West Sussex. The team organises family-friendly events at Chesworth Farm.

View upcoming events

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