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Football pitches

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We manage 17 football pitches in Horsham:

  • 5 full sized pitches (1 with changing facilities)
  • 12 smaller pitches to cater for junior football

To find your local pitch in Horsham, use the map below.

To find football pitches across the District, use Pitchfinder

Football pitch availability

The table below indicates whether each pitch is playable for the coming weekend. This page is updated each Friday lunchtime during the season, please check back each week.

Pitches are closed when weather conditions are such that playing on them could cause prolonged damage to the pitch for the remainder of the season.

If pitches are marked as open but the weather conditions deteriorate overnight or on the day of play, individual clubs are ultimately responsible for assessing pitch conditions on the day of play.

Please do not play on frozen or waterlogged pitches.

Pitch Status - Updated Friday 15 October
Woodstock Close 1 youth OPEN
Pondtail Close 1 youth OPEN
Beech Road 1 youth OPEN
Hills Farm Lane 2 youth 9v9 Pitch - OPEN 
11v11 Pitch - OPEN
Roffey Rec 1 youth OPEN
Redford Avenue 1 youth OPEN
The Needles 1 senior OPEN 
Horsham Park

3 senior

2 youth

Pitches1, 2,3  - OPEN

Pitch 4 - 9v9 - OPEN
Pitch 5 - 7v9 - OPEN 
Bennetts Field 1 senior
1 youth 
Broadwood Rec 1 Mini OPEN

Pitch hire charges

Football pitches are available to hire at the prices below. Teams consisting solely of players under 18 get a 50% discount and teams playing alternate weeks can pay for half a season.

Type of pitch Price per season Price per match
Senior with changing rooms £1,220 £59.50+VAT
Senior without changing rooms £756.50 £37.88+VAT

Teams playing in the Horsham and District Youth League should contact the league on 07557 798505 for pitch availability. For all other pitch enquiries please email