Sports in our parks

Skate parks and BMX tracks

There are several skate parks and BMX tracks across Horsham District.

Horsham Skatepark

The new Horsham Skatepark, newly built in autumn 2022, is now open for users of all disciplines to enjoy. The concrete park has features for skateboarders, BMX, scooters and inline skaters.

Visit Horsham Skatepark

Horsham skate park sign with the concrete park behind it

Horsham Pump Track

A pump track is a type of off-road terrain for bike riders consisting of a circuit of banked turns and features. It is designed to be ridden without pedalling, riders ‘pump’ the features using the up and down movement of their body to make forward momentum.

To visit the track use postcode RH12 1FF.

Parking is available at The Bridge Leisure Centre which has free parking. You can then walk across the footbridge over the A24 into Highwood. Please be aware that many roads along the Boulevard and in the Highwood area have parking restrictions.

Broadbridge Heath Skate Park

Broadbridge Heath skate park is a concrete skate park. The park opened in April 2019 and features a selection of obstacles for different abilities and disciplines.

The Bridge Leisure Centre
Wickhurst Lane
Broadbridge Heath
RH12 3YS

Hire our mobile skate park

We hire out a Mobile skate park and an officer to oversee the set up, safe use and set down of the equipment for £40 per hour. It’s a great opportunity for 7-16 year olds to have a go at a new sport.

The equipment includes small ramps and skate boxes. The ramps can be set up in a lot of different ways in order to maximise or minimise space. The sessions are required to have a hard play surface, but they can also be used indoors.

We provide skateboards and helmets and can assist anyone needing support to use the ramps and boards. We also set up games to create a fun atmosphere. As the ramps can be made bigger and smaller they can be used by anyone, from complete beginners to the more advanced skaters.

To book the equipment for your local area please get in contact with Paul Taylor on 01403 215637or email the Community Development team.