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Report an alleged planning breach

We aim to ensure planning rules are followed and that permission for development is being carried out in accordance with the conditions imposed.

The Planning Portal provides guidance on some breaches of planning control. If you cannot find an answer and you remain concerned please click the button below to complete the online Planning Breach Reporting Form.

Please note, we do not investigate anonymous reports.

Report a planning breach online

What happens after I report an alleged planning breach?

When an alleged breach of planning control is reported or suspected, the site or premises will be inspected and other information sought to establish the facts.

If a breach of planning control is identified the person responsible will be told what is wrong and what action is required to remedy the breach. This may involve the submission of a retrospective planning application to authorise the development. A time limit will be given and the consequences of not taking the appropriate action will be explained.

If the breach of planning control is not remedied within the specified time limit, or is not considered acceptable, we will decide whether it is expedient to take enforcement action. We can decide not to take enforcement action.

How do you enforce the rules?

Our Local Enforcement Plan sets out how we will manage enforcement proactively and in a way appropriate to the Horsham District. The Plan has been produced in accordance with best practice as set out within Paragraph 207 of the National Planning Policy Framework (March 2012).

The Plan sets out how we will monitor the implementation of planning permissions, investigate alleged cases of unauthorised development and take action where it is appropriate to do so. This allows us to proactively investigate breaches of planning control and take the necessary action to address the most harmful breaches within the Horsham district.

Local Enforcement Plan