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Waste disposal advice for businesses

Every business in the UK that produces waste has a legal duty of care to manage it properly until it is recycled or disposed of. The Environmental Protection Act 2021 states businesses in the UK must pay to dispose of their recycling and waste.

Businesses must always:

  • use a registered waste carrier to carry their waste
  • keep the paperwork for waste disposal for at least 2 years

My business transports, buys or sells waste

If you are a business that transports, buys or sells waste of any kind then you must have a valid waste carrier's licence.

The licences are issued by the Environment Agency. Apply online using the button below.

Apply for a licence

My business does not transport, buy or sell waste

If your business does not transport, buy or sell waste you do not need a waste carrier's licence, but you must make sure you are disposing of your waste responsibly.

Commercial waste cannot be taken to a household waste Recycling Centre or put in a household bin.

Businesses also have a legal Duty of Care to follow the waste hierarchy and to consider reducing and reusing waste before recycling, with waste disposal as the last option.