Fly tipping

Could this be your rubbish? Always ask to see a Waste Carrier Licence before you hire someone to get rid of your rubbish

Check your tradesperson has a waste carrier licence

If you hire someone to dispose of your waste, always make sure they are a licensed waste carrier. Otherwise, you could be fined or prosecuted.

Your waste is your responsibility

  • Your waste is your responsibility until it is disposed of correctly.
  • If your waste is found fly-tipped, you could be fined or prosecuted.
  • Rogue traders may charge you then fly-tip your waste, leaving you with the fine
  • Always ask to see a Waste Carrier Licence, and get a receipt for the work

It is your responsibility to check that any tradesperson you hire arranges for a registered carrier of waste to deal with any waste at the end of a project. For example, they could hire a skip or, if they intend to dispose of the waste themselves they must have a waste carriers licence.

If your waste is fly-tipped, you could be fined.

What should I do before I hire someone?

  • Ask to see their waste carriers licence. Many responsible tradespeople will provide their waste carrier’s license number on the advertisement. If not, they should provide it upon request
  • If the person refuses to share their licence number, do not hire them. Waste Carrier Licences are public information.
  • Check the licence number against the Environment Agency’s Register

I’m a tradesperson. How do I get a waste carriers licence?

It’s easy to apply for a waste carriers licence online. The licences are issued by the Environment Agency. Apply online using the button below.

Apply for a licence

I’ve already hired someone who doesn’t have a licence, what can I do?

If you have already hired someone who does not have a licence, we suggest the following options:

  • Agree that they must obtain a licence before any waste is removed from your property
  • Use our Bulky Bag service to dispose of your waste
  • Hire a skip from a registered carrier of waste