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Food waste

The Government has committed to roll out separate household food waste collection across the country in its Environment Bill.

We are currently working with other West Sussex councils to develop a strategy for dealing with food waste.

How much of our rubbish is food waste?

41.5% of the rubbish in an average Horsham District bin is made up of food waste. Much of this food waste can be easily avoided.

Tips to reduce your food waste

The good news is that there a few simple things your family can do to reduce food waste.

  • Shop smart by planning meals, making a shopping list and buying seasonal produce
  • Batch cook and freeze the rest.
  • Before throwing food out, consider whether it can be frozen to be used another day
  • Think about how any leftovers can be used to form the basis of another meal, such as soups, sauces or sandwiches
  • Compost any peelings and eggshells.

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