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General waste

Tips to reduce your household waste

A massive 41.5% of what we throw away in our green-top general waste bin is food waste. Here's how you can reduce your rubbish.

  • Shop smart Buying and cooking only what you need can make a big difference to the amount you throw away
  • Compost the trimmings Potato peelings, coffee grounds, teabags and eggshells can all be composted instead of going to landfill. Good for the garden, good for your bin space
  • Reorganise the cupboards Make sure items with a short use-by date are at the front of your cupboard or fridge, so you use them in time

For lots more helpful hints and tips on reducing food waste please visit the Love Food Hate Waste website.

Think before you throw

Did you know that 22,000 tonnes of recyclable items end up in the general waste each year in West Sussex?  The below video from West Sussex Recycles tells us more. For further information about reducing your household waste, visit the Think Before You Throw webpage.