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Tips to recycle more

We recycle 53.5% of our waste – the highest in West Sussex. Here are four ways you can help us recycle even more:

  • Check what can and can't be recycled 20% of the waste put in our green-top bins can be recycled by moving it into the blue-top bin. Not sure what goes where? Check the A-Z list or Order a free information sticker for your bin
  • No plastic bags, please Unfortunately we can't recycle plastic bags. We also can't accept recycled items if they are tied up in plastic bags
  • Wash out jars and tins Recycling should be clean, dry and loose in your blue top bin. Before you throw that sauce jar away, please give it a quick rinse
  • Visit a local Household Waste Recycling site Recycle clothing, electronics and more. Find your nearest recycling site


A massive 28% of what we throw away in our green-top household waste bin is food waste. Here's how you can reduce your rubbish.

  • Shop smart Buying and cooking only what you need can make a big difference to the amount you throw away
  • Compost the trimmings Potato peelings, coffee grounds, teabags and eggshells can all be composted instead of going to landfill. Good for the garden, good for your bin space. Order a home composter
  • Reorganise the cupboards Make sure items with a short use-by date are at the front of your cupboard or fridge, so you use them in time
  • Reduce your food waste For lots more helpful hints and tips on reducing food waste please visit the Love Food Hate Waste website.


There are plenty of people, places and charities that might like your unwanted items.

  • Love your leftovers From packed lunches to bubble and squeak, give your leftovers a second chance. Love Food Hate Waste is a great source of recipe inspiration
  • Hand over your textiles 6% of our household waste is textiles, but does it all deserve the green-top bin? If your old clothes are in good condition, take them to a charity shop; if not, take them to a textile bank to be recycled. For more tips and inspiration, visit the Love Your Clothes website.
  • Swap or sell Finished with your current mobile phone or TV? Someone else may want it! Swap or sell it, or donate it to charity.
  • Book a large item collection The British Heart Foundation has a free furniture collection service