Batteries recycling

Recycle your batteries on your bin collection day with our simple collection service.

Simply place your batteries in a small, clear plastic bag (such as a sandwich bag) and place the bag on top of your green-top refuse bin or your blue-top recycling bin on collection day.

To ensure minimal use of plastic bags, please ensure you store batteries until you have enough to fill a sandwich bag and have it securely closed. Please do not place one or two batteries out for collection as there is a risk the bag could blow away.
Place your batteries inside a food bag such as a sandwich bag, and place the bag on top of your refuse or recycling bin on collection day.

What we can and cannot collect

Batteries we can collect

  • AA
  • AAA
  • D
  • C
  • 6v
  • 9v
  • Button
  • Mobile phone batteries
  • Laptop batteries with the terminals taped

Batteries we cannot collect

  • Replaceable batteries left inside an electrical appliance. These should be removed and placed out for collection in a separate bag on top of your rubbish or recycling bin.
  • Batteries with trailing wires
  • Children's ride-on toy batteries
  • Corroded batteries
  • Motorbike batteries
  • Industrial batteries
  • Sealed lactic acid/gel batteries
  • 12v leisure batteries
  • Disposable vapes or electronic cigarettes. Please book a small electricals collection for these