Visual Merchandising

Effective visual merchandising is a powerful marketing tool for your business. It can help attract and engage customers, motivating them to buy from your business.

The busy Christmas sales period is a particularly important time to consider how you can boost your visual merchandising to make your business really stand out.

Below are a list of resources and a checklist outlining some helpful guidelines when planning a magical display this Christmas.


Christmas Magic Displays Competition 2023

The competition has now closed and the winners have been announced on social media and our Buy Local webpage.

As part of our Buy Local Gift Happy campaign, we invited entries from local businesses for our Christmas Magic Displays Competition.

The competition aimed to celebrate the festive windows, market stalls and internal displays which help to make our towns and villages a magical place.

A public vote and professional judging took place during November and early December and the winners have now been announced.

Christmas Magic Displays Competition
Who took part?

Independent businesses in Horsham District with a festive window, internal or market stall display which is visible to visiting customers are participating in this competition.

How will businesses benefit?

There was:

  • Publicity for all participating businesses during November and early December as part of the public prize competition on social media.
  • A chance to win a fantastic prize of £100 worth of vouchers to spend on Point-of-Sale material for the Overall Best Display and Public’s Choice winners, in association with wholesale supplier WBC.
  • Publicity for overall winners throughout December.
  • Framed certificates for all winners to showcase their win.
Image showing point of sale material by WBC
How do I enter?

The competition has now closed. The winning displays have been announced on social media and our Buy Local webpage.

Checklist for your Christmas display

Use this checklist when creating your magical window, internal or market stall displays this Christmas.

  1. Know your target audience and design for them
  2. Feature the products that make you unique and you can sell in volume before Christmas
  3. If your products are high value - keep it simple
  4. Create a story or theme – is it Instagrammable?
  5. Have a focal point to the display
  6. Effective lighting is essential, highlight ‘hero’ products
  7. Turn ‘window shoppers’ into ‘active shoppers’ - incorporate graphics that allow people to buy from you 24/7
  8. Remember ‘Eye level is buy level’ – use the available height effectively
  9. Frame empty space if you want people to see through to your interior displays
  10. For internal and market stall displays, encourage customers to interact with the products

Explore the resources section below for further tips for creating a fantastic display.

Do you have any top tips to share with local businesses? Let us know by emailing for the chance to be featured in our Business Support e-Newsletter with over 2,000 subscribers.

Tips for preparing your photos

If you are taking a photo of your magical display to share on social media, here are some tips we have prepared:

  • Lighting: When taking the picture of your display make sure the area is well lit. Be aware of shadows, reflections, or glare if you are taking the image at dusk.
  • Background: What is in the background of your display? If there are people in the image, make sure you have permission to take their picture. Clear the area around your display so as not to incorporate packing boxes or signage that will detract from your creation.
  • Cleaning: It might sound silly, but to get the best photo it is always best to make sure you give the camera or phone camera lens a wipe before you take the image, as well as your window if it is a window display, to make sure there are no smudges or marks.
  • Image size: Take an image in both landscape and portrait orientations so the images can be used across all social media platforms. Make sure your images are the right size depending on which social media platform you intend to post on:
    • Instagram post: Square (ideally 1080 x 1080px)
    • Facebook post: Landscape (ideally 1600 x 900px)
  • Videos: If using video, make it short (3-5 seconds long) so that it could be used as an Instagram reel or part of a wider video if necessary. Do not add music to any of the videos you take of your display unless you have the rights to include it.

Useful resources

There is a wealth of information on visual merchandising, available for your business to access. We have done an online search using terms such as 'visual merchandising' and 'creating store displays' to collate examples of some of the resources available to help you create fantastic displays for your business.


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