Progress updates on becoming a carbon neutral council

Horsham District Council is now hard at work to enable us to achieve our two key targets to reduce the Council's direct carbon emissions by 2030 and indirect emissions by 2050.

Your help with this will be essential as we all take a share of the responsibility for reducing our energy consumption and keeping our carbon output down.

Progress Updates 2021-2022

As you can see in our Decrease in Direct Emissions graph, we are delighted that we have made such great progress since our baseline report in 2019/20, reducing  emissions that our under our direct control by 57%. This includes from the fuel used by our fleet, and gas and electricity usage in our owned buildings.

Click on the links below to read an update on our progress so far since this work was approved by Council in September 2020. These pages will be updated annually as our Action Plan progresses.

You can also find out how we are working towards becoming a carbon neutral district

Yearly progress in direct emissions

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