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The Council consults widely with residents, service users and others about existing and planned services and initiatives. It does this in a number of ways - including surveys and focus groups. It sometimes does this jointly with other organisations.

Residents and other related respondents are invited to give their comments on the following documents currently out for consultation. To see the relevant document or information, please click on the links below.

Piries Place car park access and service road

A public notice amendment order has been issued to introduce a 'No parking at any time restriction' on the Piries Place Car Park Access and Piries Place Car Park Service Road and to introduce vehicle access conditions.

A copy of the Order, Amendment Order and Statement of Reasons are available to view below. Please send any comments to by October 9.

Neighbourhood planning consultations

Current open planning consultations, including Neighbourhood plan consultations, are listed on our Current planning consultations page.