Gambling, gaming and lotteries

Apply for a Club Gaming Permit

We issue permits for gaming machines in:

  • Member’s clubs
  • Alcohol-licensed premises
  • Licensed adult gaming centres
  • Licensed and unlicensed family entertainment centres

Alcohol-licensed premises, including member’s clubs, can have two gaming machines without the need for a licence, but you must still notify us. If you plan to have one or two gaming machines, please call Licensing on 01403 215578.

If you wish to have more than two gaming machines, you will need a Gaming permit or a Club machine permit

To apply for a gaming machine permit you need to complete the following steps:

Tacit consent does not apply to the above applications as there are Statutory Time Limits built in to the Primary Legislation.

In general, the Licensing Authority that issued the premises licence or permit will be responsible for monitoring that premises and taking any appropriate action.

Horsham District Council has developed a policy on how it will deal with applications under the Gambling Act, the Gambling Policy. The Policy was last reviewed in 2012 and took effect from 31 January 2013.

For more information on the different authorisations please visit: