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Street trading and charity collections

Apply for a house-to-house collection licence

You must apply for a licence if you want to collect money or goods (that you plan to sell at a later date) from people’s homes for charity. The licence allows you to collect for a period of two weeks per year.

Your organisation may be eligible for a Home Office Exemption. These are usually given to charities working at a national level. Check the government's list of National Exemption Order holders.

To apply for a house-to-house collection licence, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Complete our online application form and print it
  • Return the form to us along with a letter of authorisation from the charity and if possible previous examples of the method of raising income
We are currently unable to accept any new applications for house to house collection licences. Any existing house to house collection licences issued for the next three months are now cancelled. Please email any queries to

Apply for a house-to-house collection licence

After you apply

You cannot run your collection until you have been granted a licence. If you have not heard from us within a reasonable period, please contact Licensing.

Once you have run your collection, you must fill out and return the Form of Statement to us within 1 month of the collection.