Event licences

Non-profit activity licence

An Events/Activity licence is required for non-commercial activities that involve placing something on the highway or the Town Centre Bandstand. Examples include:

  • Charities or non-profits that require the use of a table, chair or gazebo for a charity collection or information event
  • Charities or non-profits that require a vehicle to be parked in the town centre to be used as an information centre
  • A musical performance or entertainment on the Town Centre Bandstand
  • Parades, carnivals or processions  that will be in or through the town centre

We must process your application before the licence can be granted. This means Tacit Consent does not apply. If you have not heard from Horsham District Council within a reasonable period, please contact us.

Please submit your application no less than 28 days prior to the date of the proposed event.

Apply for a non-profit activity licence

A Town Centre Activity Permit is £25 , to apply for an Events/Activity licence online, please complete the following steps:

  • Read the licence conditions
  • Click the button below to sign up or sign in to your Environmental Health and Licensing Online Portal account, where you will be able to Request a new Licence by clicking on the 3 line menu icon at the top left of the screen.
  • Select Highway Activities Non Profit as the licence type,
  • You will be Required to include a copy of your public liability insurance to the sum of £5million and a risk assessment
  • If you intend to collect money you will need to apply for a street collection licence
  • Please select the preferred location of your activity, using the map below as a guide
  • You will need to make a payment of £25 (per day) to complete your application.

Please note:  You can only apply for 1 days activity per application, we are unable to reserve blocks of dates e.g. Mon-Fri, or Saturday and Sunday, to ensure that there are equal opportunities for everyone wishing to apply. Your permit will be granted for one day only, if you wish to apply for multiple days, they must be  processed as separate permit applications.

For applications where the location is the Carfax , please be aware that permits may not be available on Thursday - Saturday as the market  is in this area. you may wish to chose a different location on these days.

For any applications where the original location and/or date requested is unavailable, where the permit is issued for a revised date and/or location agreed upon by the applicant, a refund is not available. If we are unable to fulfil your request and permit is not issued, a refund of  the £25 administration will be processed.

Apply online

Town Centre Activity Locations


If the location you wish to apply for is not on the map above, please contact our team on 01403 215641 or at ehl@horsham.gov.uk, who may be able to offer alternative location for your activity.