Disabled parking

Horsham Blue Badge parking scheme

If you are a Blue Badge holder who receives the higher rate of living allowance, also known as Personal Independence Payment, you can register one vehicle with us to park for free at these car parks:

  • Swan Walk
  • Piries Place
  • Forum
  • Pavilions In The Park

Registering your vehicle means you will be able to enter and exit our car parks with no need to go to a pay station or the Swan Walk office.

How to register your vehicle

Visit the Horsham Parking Portal Blue Badge page to register your vehicle.

You will need to upload photos of the following documents:

  • Your Blue Badge (both sides)
  • Proof of your higher rate living allowance/personal independence payment (usually in the form of a letter)
  • The Vehicle Registration Mark (numberplate) of the vehicle that you use most when visiting our car parks

Your documents and form will be verified by our team and we will send you a confirmation email when you have been set up.

Key terms and conditions

  • Your registration to the scheme will expire when your Blue Badge does. When your Blue Badge expires, you will need to re-register to the scheme.
  • If the vehicle is used in the car park without the Blue Badge holder present, then the driver will need to go to the pay station to pay in order to exit the car park.
  • If the vehicle is found to be using the free parking within our car parks without the Blue Badge holder present, we will remove the vehicle from the scheme.