Read the current Local Plan

Our current Local Plan is called the Horsham District Planning Framework. It identifies six priority themes for the Council.

  • Economic Development: Plan for a successful local economy with high levels of employment
  • Efficiency and Taxation: Delivering excellent value and high performance
  • Arts, Heritage and Leisure: Build an arts, leisure and culture reputation that also supports our economy
  • Living, Working Communities: Working together to support the life of local communities
  • Environment: A better environment for today and tomorrow
  • Safer and Healthier: Improving health and well being

Read the Horsham District Planning Framework

View policy area maps

The policy areas covering allocations and designations in the Horsham District Planning Framework are available to view on the Local Plan Mapping Portal.

The easiest way to view the policy areas covered by the Local Plan is to use the Local Plan Mapping tool.

  • Click here to open the Local Plan Mapping Tool
  • Click the Layer List button in the top right corner
  • Open the Horsham District Planning Framework layer and the Constraints layer and tick all the boxes you wish to see
  • As you zoom in the layers will start to appear. The layers are clickable if you would like to see more information
  • To access the map key, click the Legend button in the top right corner

The maps for our main villages and towns are also available as PDFs below. To view the policy map for the whole District, please view our District Policy Map.

Policy Map Key

Policy area maps A-P

Policy area maps R-W