Let's celebrate Recycling Week 2023

Published: 13 Oct 2023

16-22 October 2023

Horsham District has the highest rate of recycling in West Sussex thanks to the diligence of you, our residents.

But there's always more to be done and this year’s Recycle Week theme - The Big Recycling Hunt - is ‘Missed captured’. This focuses on items that can be recycled but are commonly missed in the home, including deodorant cans, foil, tetra pack cartons, empty blister packs, cleaning product bottles, Pringles tubes and more!

See our A-Z of Recycling

See which everyday items that can be recycled are commonly missed

Bathroom items
Bathroom cleaners/bottles, liquid soap bottles, shampoo and shower gel containers, toilet roll tubes, deodorant aerosols, toothpaste boxes and toothpaste plastic pump tubes (NB: The squeezy tubes cannot be recycling at home, but you can recycle them at any Terracycle drop off points)

Bedroom items
Empty tissue boxes, make up packaging, moisturiser pots, old magazines

Living Room items
Aerosol air fresheners, online shopping cardboard packaging, envelopes

Kitchen items
Kitchen foil, kitchen roll trubs, take away trays, clean empty pizza boxes, plastic bottles with lids attached.

Please remember that your recycling should be clean, dry and loose (not in plastic bags), and do please squash any larger items down to create more space in your recycling bin.  

Get a handy reminder of what you can recycle at home
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Supermarket recycling

We cannot recycle plastic bags. However many supermarkets now take single use plastics, including bags, chocolate bar wrappers, crisp packets and bread bags. Visit Sussex Green Living to see which supermarkets are involved.

Recycling Centres

Hard Plastic, large items and hazardous waste must be taken to your local recycling centre

Batteries, textiles and small electricals (including vapes!)

Did you know that we recycle vapes in our small electrical collections?
Use our small electricals home collection service for this and all your small electricals and battery recycling.

Coffee pods

We can now collect your coffee pods and recycle them.
Book your free coffee pod collection

New short videos explain what happens to your recycling

The West Sussex Waste Partnership has created a series of animation videos showing what happens to your recycling in West Sussex; from your plastics and glass, to your paper, cans and foil. Each video is only about one minute long and is well worth a look!

See what happens to your recycling in these short videos

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