Temporary accommodation tenants

What happens when you are offered a property

If you are in temporary accommodation, we may nominate you for a suitable property with one of our registered providers. The property will be the correct size for your household and in an area of your choice.

After we have nominated you:

  • Your Temporary Accommodation Officer will be asked to provide a reference. This will include details regarding your conduct whilst living in Temporary Accommodation, the condition of the property and whether you have accrued any rent arrears.
  • You will be contacted by the registered provider and invited to view the property. A refusal that is deemed reasonable will result in your placement being ended and your housing register application being closed for a year, after which you will be free to apply again.

If you accept the property, the registered provider will arrange for you to sign the tenancy agreement. This is the date your rental liability begins. They will also discuss how to claim housing benefit or Universal Credit housing element if applicable.

Your Temporary Accommodation Officer will contact you to discuss when you will be leaving the property. You will need to move out of the temporary accommodation as quickly as possible. You will be asked to bring the keys to the Council Offices.