50+ Employability Workshops

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The 50+Employability Training Workshop is 16-week training course, designed to give clients the necessary skills, confidence and support, to be job-ready and able to successfully apply and obtain future employment.

The training workshop is a three-hour course that has been carefully put together, to offer a variety of themes associated with employability skills that best cater for the needs, aspirations and desires of clients, requiring help and support to get back into work.

The workshop is also designed to bring people together, who may otherwise have been out of work recently or over a period of time, for them to meet people and socialise in an effort to help build up their confidence and self-esteem.

Upcoming sessions

WISH 50+ is a weekly Friday get-together in Lavinia House, Dukes Square  (Behind the Drill Hall on Denne Road).

Our first meetup of the new sessions is Friday 23 September 12-3pm. We will meet every week at this time from then onwards.

Please pop along to find out more and sign up.

For more information contact Gavin on  01403 215104 or email journey2work@horsham.gov.uk

Tables with tablecloths and chairs are set up in a pale pink room with lots of light. The room as a welcoming feel.

To find out more about WISH contact Journey2Work@horsham.gov.uk