Private hire licences

Apply for a private hire vehicle licence

To apply for a private hire vehicle licence, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Read the vehicle licence conditions. This includes vehicle criteria and conditions of the licence
  • Check your fee in our fee table below
  • Fill in our online form
  • Print the form, sign it and make an appointment with the Licensing section to submit the application, pay the licence fee and collect a Mechanical Inspection form and bracket to affix to the vehicle.


Our private hire vehicle licence fees are valid until 31/03/2021.

Application typeFee
First application £328
Renewal £296
Transfer £63
Electric vehicle £50
Electric vehicle renewal £296

Read the vehicle licence conditions

Apply for a licence online

To drive a private hire vehicle, you must have a licence for the vehicle and a licence for the driver. The operator, who arranges the bookings, must also be licensed.