Southwater Country Park

Southwater Country Park visitor centre has picnic benches and a view of the lake

Sit back and enjoy the view from our lakeside café, serving food all day

Dinosaur Island play equipment

Follow the dinosaur footprints to our children’s play area, a must for little adventurers

Dinosaur Island

To celebrate Southwater's dinosaur history – did you know a real iguanodon skeleton was found in the lake? – the Country Park’s adventure play area is dedicated to dinosaurs.

Follow the big dinosaur footprints from the Visitor Centre lake up to Dinosaur Island. Discover dinosaur bones in the sand, reach new heights on aerial walkways, swoop on jungle swings and climb all the way to the top of our bubbling volcano.

Musical instruments, dinosaur sculptures, a wheelchair-accessible roundabout and accessible ramps make Dinosaur Island fun for children with a wide range of abilities. There’s play equipment for bigger kids, too – head for the more challenging trails and climbing frames.

Dinosaur Island play equipment

The adventure play area has dinosaur-themed equipment for a wide range of ages and abilities

Footprints from Southwater Country Park Visitor Centre to Dinosaur Island

Follow the footprints from the park Visitor Centre to Dinosaur Island, and look out for dinosaur sculptures in the park

A triceratops sculpture at Dinosaur Island

Keep your eyes peeled for our dinosaur sculptures