Premises licence

Vary or transfer a licence

If you are considering changing your plans, adding regulated entertainment or amending your operating schedule then you may be able to apply for a variation to your licence. Please contact the Licensing Department for details of the fees that apply.

Apply to vary your licence

Change the Designated Premises Supervisor

The fee to change the Designated Premises Supervisor is £23. Please fill in our Apply to vary a DPS form

Notify us of a change of address

If you have changed your name or address, please notify us so we can update your licence. The fee for this is £10.50.

Transfer a licence

The fee to transfer a licence is £23. To transfer an existing premises licence to a new applicant, fill in our Apply to transfer a licence form

Interim notice following the death of a licence holder

In cases where the licence holder has died, an interim authority notice can be issued. There is a £23 charge for this service.