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Register of licensed houses of multiple occupation (HMOs)

All properties with a HMO licence are listed in our HMO Licensing Register.

We publish the address of the property and licence details on our website. If you wish to view the full information held on the Licensed HMO Register you can do so by calling in person at Horsham District Council offices and requesting to see a copy.

Please contact the Environmental Health Department at the Council to arrange an appointment to view the information in person.

Last updated: April 2020

ReferenceAddress Number of households Max permitted occupiers Start date of licence Renewal date of licence
HMO/0001 30 Hurst Road, Horsham RH12 2EP 8 8 07/06/2017 24/04/2022
HMO/0002 Carylls, Faygate Lane, Faygate RH12 4SN 14 30 10/09/2017 11/09/2022
HMO/0003 Ivorys, Burnthouse Lane, Cowfold RH13 8DQ 16 16 24/01/2018 29/11/2022
HMO/0006 8 Dale Close, Horsham RH12 4JD 5 5 12/10/2017 11/10/2022
HMO/0008 10 Wellwood Close, Horsham RH13 6AL 8 8 04/12/2018 30/09/2023
HMO/0009 The Coach House, Burnthouse Lane, Cowfold RH13 8DQ 17 17 05/12/2018 30/09/2023
HMO/0010 The Bothey, Forest Road, Colgate RH12 4TB 6 6 21/03/2019 20/01/2024
HMO/0011        The Mill House, Mill Lane, Ashington RH20 3BX 8 10 10/04/2019 09/04/2020
HMO/0012 Rose Cottage, Charlwood Road, Ifield RH11 0JZ 8 10 30/07/2019 15/03/2024
HMO/0013 33 Arunside, Horsham RH12 1SY 5 5 21/08/2019 30/09/2023
HMO/0014 21 Nelson Road, Horsham RH12 2JE 6 6 30/09/2019 30/09/2023
HMO/0015 Marylands, Ifield Wood, Crawley RH11 0LE 8 9 18/02/2020 30/09/2023
HMO/001610 Jockey Mead, Horsham RH12 1LF5529/04/202028/04/2025

Using information from the register

You may not extract or re-utilise information derived from the Register and/or any copies of such information (whether electronic or in hard copy format) for any commercial or business purpose including but not limited to, trading, building commercial databases, reselling or redistribution of such information. If someone becomes aware of a third party using information derived from the Register in contravention of these terms and conditions this can be reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office