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Greater Change cashless donations to help rough sleepers

Greater Change is a homelessness non-profit service, making it possible to donate cashlessly to support homeless individuals from our district to achieve their long term goals. These individuals are nominated by Horsham Matters.

How does it work?

People can donate to Greater Change using Contactless at one of the donation terminals across the District. The money is used to help homeless individuals achieve long-term funding goals, which they agree with the charity when they are referred. Examples of long-term goals include rent deposit, skills courses and ID documents.

The service is supported by the Council as part of our longer term goal to end rough sleeping.

We are working with local businesses and leisure operators to create a network of static donation terminals across Horsham Town Centre and across the District.

Visit the Greater Change website to find out more.

“I don't think people actually realise how much Greater Change has helped. It's going to help me to stay away from high risk and dangerous places. I feel that I have hope at the moment for the first time in a while.”

Greater Change user

Greater Change cashless giving terminal

Greater Change cashless giving terminal at The Capitol theatre

How does Greater Change help rough sleepers?

Not only does this service allow donors to support the homeless in an increasingly cashless society, but it ensures that the donation is spent practically and positively – on qualifications, work experience, employment and securing housing.

In the instance that the user would otherwise be giving change directly on the streets, the platform offers an alternative here where the public can be safe in the knowledge that their gift will enable the individual to leave homelessness behind for good.

Step 1

Individuals sleeping rough are referred to Greater Change.

Step 2

They then set a long term funding goal with help from their support workers, for example rental deposit, skills courses and ID.

Step 3

Fundraising begins to achieve their goal. This is where you can help, by tapping your contactless card on any Greater Change terminal across the District.

Step 4

Once the target is reached, the individual and Horsham Matters will jointly make the purchase.

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