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What can be recycled

Your blue-top bin is for recyclable waste. All recycling must be clean, loose and dry in your bin. Below is a list of the most common items that you can put in your blue-top recycling bin.

For more detailed information on specific products, please use West Sussex County Council's Recycling A-Z

Looking for a handy reminder of what you can recycle? Order a free information sticker for your bin.

Lots of other items including fabric, electrical and broken furniture can be recycled at our local Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRS)

Cardboard box

Paper and card

Yes please

Newspapers and magazines, office paper, food packaging sleeves, greeting cards, egg and cereal boxes, catalogues and brochures, wrapping paper and envelopes.

No thanks

Shredded paper, metallic wrapping paper and paper towels.

Metal cans

Metal cans and aerosols

Yes please

Food cans, drink cans, pet food cans, empty aerosol cans e.g. hairspray and paint.

No thanks

Paint tins, saucepans, electrical items, garden tools, utensils, gas canisters and batteries.

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles and containers

Yes please

All plastic bottles, all plastic pots e.g. yoghurt, all plastic tubes e.g. ice cream, all plastic food trays e.g. food and meat, all plastic lids e.g. container and jar lids.

No thanks

Plastic films, plastic bags, plastic bottle tops, crisp packets and wrappers, polystyrene, plastic toys or garden plastics.

Aluminium foil

Aluminium foil and foil containers

Yes please

Aluminium foil and aluminium foil containers.

No thanks

Crisp packets, cat food pouches, soup pouches, dirty foil and foil wrapping paper

Cardboard carton


Yes please

Fruit juice cartons, long life milk cartons, soup cartons, smoothie cartons and other cardboard cartons.

No thanks

Crisp packets, cat food pouches and soup pouches.

Glass jars

Glass bottles and jars

Yes please

Coffee jars, wine bottles, beer bottles, jam jars and sauce bottles/jars.

No thanks

Mirror or window glass, Pyrex, drinking glasses, milk bottles, ceramics, crockery, glass vases, paperweights and spectacles (as these have different chemical properties)

Before 6am on collection day. Please put your bin out with the handle facing the road. Your bin will be collected between 6am and 5pm on collection day.

Recycling is a valuable commodity and is expensive to throw away. All of the mixed recycling is taken to a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Ford, West Sussex, where it is mechanically sorted. Sorted recycling will then be reprocessed and used to make new materials.

Household waste and recycling are collected on alternate weeks. This system of alternate weekly waste collection has now been taken up by 76% of local collecting authorities in England and Wales and has helped to increase recycling by up to 9%.

To find out when your next collections are, check your bin collection day.