What goes in your household bins

Recycling bin

Your blue-top bin is for recyclable waste. All recycling must be clean, loose and dry in your bin. Below is a list of the most common items that you can put in your blue-top recycling bin.

If you are looking to reduce your plastic waste read our Top Tips here.

A graphic of a green wheelie bin with a blue lid

Cardboard box

Paper and card

Yes please

Newspapers and magazines, office paper, food packaging sleeves, greeting cards, egg and cereal boxes, catalogues and brochures, envelopes and wrapping paper(if scrunchable).

No thanks

Shredded paper, tissues and paper towels.

Metal cans

Metal cans and aerosols

Yes please

Food cans, drink cans, pet food cans, empty aerosol cans e.g. hairspray and deodorant.

No thanks

Paint tins, saucepans, electrical items, garden tools, utensils, gas canisters and batteries.

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles and containers

Yes please

All plastic bottles, all plastic pots e.g. yoghurt, e.g. ice cream, all plastic food trays e.g. food and meat, all plastic lids e.g. container and jar lids. Plastic bottle tops including trigger sprays, Tetra Pak, carton and milk bottle lids as long as they are attached to squashed empty bottles.

No thanks

Plastic films, plastic bags, crisp packets and wrappers, polystyrene, plastic toys or garden plastics.

Aluminium foil

Aluminium foil and foil containers

Yes please

Aluminium foil, aluminium foil containers and clean takeaway containers.

No thanks

Crisp packets, cat food pouches, polystyrene containers and dirty foil.

Cardboard carton


Yes please

Fruit juice cartons, long life milk cartons, soup cartons, smoothie cartons and other cardboard cartons.

No thanks

Crisp packets, cat food pouches and soup pouches.

Glass jars

Glass bottles and jars

Yes please

Coffee jars, wine bottles, beer bottles, perfume bottles, jam jars and sauce bottles/jars.

No thanks

Mirror or window glass, Pyrex, drinking glasses, ceramics, crockery, glass vases, paperweights and spectacles (as these have different chemical properties)

What to do with items you cannot put in your recycling bin

We want to help you recycle as much waste as possible. Here's how to responsibly dispose of items that you cannot put in your recycling bin.

Batteries, electricals and e-cigarettes

Do not put batteries or small electricals such as mobile phones and e-cigarettes, into your household waste bin.

Plastic bags

We cannot recycle plastic bags, or accept recycled items that are tied up in plastic bags. Check your local supermarket to see if it has a plastic bag recycling scheme. Recyclenow

Soft plastics

Many supermarkets now take single use soft plastics for recycling, including chocolate bar wrappers, empty crisp packets, bread bags, and other plastic bags and wrapping. Take your plastic bags and wrapping back to the store - Repeat the Cycle!

Recycle Now have a Recycling Locator tool on their website to help you find your nearest participating stores.
Find your nearest participating supermarket

Hard plastics

Hard plastics such as plastic toys, garden furniture and plant pots cannot be recycled in your blue-top bin however they can be recycled at a Recycling Centre

Food pouches and crisp packets

Check to see if there is a community recycling scheme near you that will recycle these.

Food waste

We do not currently recycle food waste, but peelings and eggshells can be composted. Get a discounted compost bin

Large items

Book a large item collection, or take your item to the Recycling Centre

Hazardous waste

Including fire extinguishers, asbestos and electrical items. Take these to a Recycling Centre