Pulborough neighbourhood planning

Pulborough Parish have produced a neighbourhood plan which have been subject to successful Examination but cannot proceed to Referendum because of the legal requirements in relation to Water Neutrality and the Habitat Regulations.

In order to support the hard work of local communities, Horsham District Council has prepared this Planning Advice Note. These Advice Notes highlight how the policies in the Neighbourhood Plans are considered to align with National Planning Policy. This Planning Advice Note draws together current adopted Local Plan policies, and up-to-date national policy guidance including relevant ministerial statements and the outcome of the Neighbourhood Planning Examiner’s report. It therefore forms a material consideration that will be taken into account by decision makers when determining planning applications.

When the strategic solution to Water Neutrality is implemented, the Council will proceed to take the Pulborough Neighbourhood Plan to Referendum and upon a successful result the Council will ‘make’ the plan at full Council at the earliest opportunity.

Pulborough Neighbourhood Plan: Planning Advice Note


Examiner's Report Pulborough Neighbourhood Plan (18 Sept 2021)

Initial Comments of the Independent Examiner 28 July 2021

Horsham District Council response to the Examiner's Initial Comments (25 August 2021)

Planning History of PPNP27  - Land at Toat Cafe.

Pulborough Parish Council  response to the Examiner's Initial Comments (25 August 2021)

Pulborough Neigbourhood Plan (submission draft April 2021)

Further Comments on the Revised National Planning Policy Framework

Examination Ref 1 LRM Planning (redacted)

Examination Ref 2 Luken Beck (redacted) (Part I)

Examination Ref 2 Luken Beck (redacted) (Part II)

Examination Ref 3 Southern Water (redacted)

Examination Ref 4 Resident (redacted)

Examination Ref 5  WSCC (redacted)

Representations to the Regulation 16 consultation Between 26 April 2021 to 7 June 2021 can be found below:

Ref 1: Environment Agency (redacted)

Ref 2: WSCC (redacted)

Ref 3: Natural England (redacted)

Ref 4: Resident (redacted)

Ref 5: LRM Planning

Ref 6: Resident (redacted)

Ref 7 Resident (redacted)

Ref 8 Resident (redacted)

Ref 9 Savills (Part I)

Ref 9 Savills (Part II)

Ref 10 Waverley Borough Council (redacted)

Ref 11 Resident (Part I)

Ref 11 Resident (Part II)

Ref 11 Resident (Part III)

Ref 12 Historic England (redacted)

Representations to the Regulation 16 consultation Between 18 November 2020 to 13 January 2021 can be found below:

Ref 1 Resident (redacted)

Ref 2 LRM Planning (Part I) (redacted)

Ref 2 LRM Planning (Part II) (redacted)

Ref 3 Resident (redacted)

Ref 4 Resident (redacted)

Ref 5 Tetra Pak Planning (redacted)

Ref 6 Gatesby Estates (Part I) (redacted)

Ref 6 Gatesby Estates (Part II) (redacted)

Ref 7 Resident (redacted)

Ref 8 Neame Sutton (Part I) (redacted)

Ref 8 Neame Sutton (Part II) (redacted)

Ref 8 Neame Sutton (Part III) (redacted)

Ref 8 Neame Sutton (Part VI) (redacted)

Ref 9 WSCC

Ref 10 Pulborough Community Land Trust (Part I) (Redacted)

Ref 10 Pulborough Community Land Trust (Part II) (Redacted)

Ref 11 Andrew Griffith MP

Ref 12 Resident (redacted)

Ref 13 Chichester Diocese (Part I) (Redacted)

Ref 13 Chichester Diocese (Part II) (Redacted)

Ref 13 Chichester Diocese (Part III) (Redacted)

Ref 14 Resident (redacted)

Ref 15 Southern Water (redacted)

Ref 16 Resident (redacted)

Ref 17 Resident (redacted)

Ref 18 Resident (redacted)

Ref 19 Resident (redacted)

Ref 20 Resident (redacted)

Ref 21 Resident (redacted)

Ref 22 Resident (redacted)

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Ref 24 WYG (Part II) (redacted)

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Ref 30 Resident (Part I) (redacted)

Ref 30 Resident (Part II) (redacted)

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Ref 35 Resident (redacted)

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Ref 38 District Councillor

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Ref 43 Resident (redacted)

Ref 44 Resident (redacted)

Ref 45 Resident (redacted)

Ref 46 Resident (redacted)

Ref 47 Resident (redacted)

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Ref 48 Resident (Part II) (redacted)

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Ref 54 Resident (redacted)

Ref 55 Resident (redacted)

Ref 56 Resident (redacted)

Ref 57 Resident (redacted)

Ref 58 Resident (redacted)

Ref 59 Natural England (redacted)

Ref 60 Resident (redacted)

Ref 61 Resident (redacted)

Ref 62 HDC (redacted)

(Reg 16 - Consultation on new evidence)

Pulborough Parish Council has been preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. We have updated the evidence base and the submission plan regarding heritage issues to support the submission draft Pulborough Neighbourhood plan. It was considered appropriate to go out to consultation again on new evidence to ensure stakeholders had an opportunity to comment on it. This consultation is for 6 weeks from 5pm 26 April to midnight 7 June 2021. There are a number of ways to make your comments:

  • If you would like to make a representation on the new evidence to support Pulborough Neighbourhood Development Plan or make general comments on the plan, please use the weblink below to access the documents and download the comment form to make your representation:
  • https://strategicplanning.horsham.gov.uk/Pulborough_New_Evidence/consultationHome
  • Complete the comment form (available to download by clicking on the link above) and email it to: neighbourhood.planning@horsham.gov.uk; or
  • Print out the comment form and post it to: Neighbourhood Planning Officer, Horsham Council, Parkside, Chart Way, North Street, Horsham, RH12 1RL
  • All submission must be received by midnight 7 June 2021.

Pulborough Neighbourhood Plan (Reg 16)

Pulborough Parish Council has been preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. The submission draft Pulborough Neighbourhood plan is out to consultation in line with the Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended). The consultation is for 8 weeks from 5pm 18 November 2020 to midnight 13 January 2021. Please click on the link below for further details on how you can comment:


Area approval

The Pulborough Neighbourhood Plan Area was approved on February 25 2014.

Approval documents


Under Regulation 5 and 6, the Pulborough area application was put out for consultation from November 14 to December 26 2013.

Application documents