Local Plan review evidence base

There are a number of documents that support the Local Plan review. Collectively these are known as the Local Plan evidence base and can be viewed below.

These documents support the Local Plan 2023 - 40. To view the evidence base for the current Local Plan, the Horsham District Planning Framework, please visit the Planning Policy evidence base page.

Duty to Cooperate

The Council has agreed a number of Statements of Common Ground with neighbouring authorities that sets out how we are working together to address cross-boundary strategic planning issues.

A number of other Statements of Common Ground have been agreed.  They have a shared Part A Statement of Common Ground and a Part B document specific to each authority.

Duty to Cooperate Statement

Consultation Report

Climate Change

Conserving the Natural and Built Environment

Cultural Heritage Assessment

Habitats Regulations Assessment

Sustainability Appraisal

Economic Development


Site Assessment Report - December 2023

Viability Assessment

Sensitive commercial information has been redacted from the Horsham Local Plan Viability Assessment.

Infrastructure, Transport and Healthy Communities

Homes England are the promoters of Land West of Ifield. They have issued a position statement on golfing needs as relates to that site, which is set out above. This reflects the position of Homes England and does not necessarily reflect the views of Horsham District Council, but is considered important information for the public to see.

Landscape Capacity Study and overview maps

The Landscape Capacity Study Housing and Employment Overview maps have been uploaded to our website as a .jpg due to the original files' large file sizes. High-resolution PDF files (28MB) of these documents are available on request. Please email strategic.planning@horsham.gov.uk.

Landscape Capacity Study Overview maps: Part One

Landscape Capacity Study: Part Two maps

Transport Study and Appendices

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and Appendix Figures 1-8

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Appendix 9-11

Appendix 1 Figure 10 has been uploaded to our website as a .jpg due to the original file's large file size. A high-resolution PDF file (28MB) of this document is available on request. Please email strategic.planning@horsham.gov.uk.

Gatwick Sub-Region Water Cycle Study

Upper Mole Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Upper Mole SFRA Appendices

Water Neutrality

For more information see the Water Neutrality pages.

The Horsham Local Plan Water Neutrality Technical Note is an extract of Appendix E of the Habitats Regulations Assessment.  It was commissioned as part of our wider Habitats Regulations Assessement which already forms part of our Evidence Base.  It therefore did not need to be repeated as part of the Part A work carried out by Chichester and Crawley.